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RN’s most recent What to Stock guide identified Guinness Open Gate Pilsner as a key line to watch. retail express finds out why you should stock the brand’s Open Gate Brewery range

RN’s most recent What to Stock guide identified Guinness Open Gate Pilsner as a key line to watch. Retail Express finds out why you should stock the brand’s Open Gate Brewery range

Guiness-stat.png In March, Guinness launched two new beers: Open Gate Citra IPA (5% ABV) and Open Gate Pilsner (4.5% ABV). The beers were created at the Open Gate Brewery at St James’s Gate, Dublin, where Guinness brewers are given licence to explore new recipes, reinterpret old ones and experiment freely. 

Open Gate Citra IPA and Open Gate Pilsner follow the success of recent launches from St James’s Gate, including Hop House 13, which has sold more than 50 million pints since its launch in 2014, and Guinness West Indies Porter, which delivered £4.3m in sales to retailers last year.

Open Gate Citra IPA is based on the USA West Coast style of IPA, beers known for their big flavours. It uses American, citrus hops, including citra, to give a powerful flavour, while Open Gate Pilsner offers a zingier, citrus taste.

Why stock Guinness Open Gate? 

Craft and world beers are currently in 15%  value growth, performing ahead of the rest of the category and presenting retailers with a massive £202m potential profit opportunity.

Yet despite huge interest in craft beer, there are 7.5 million people who are ‘craft-inquisitive’. This means that they mainly drink mainstream beer, are interested in craft, but aren’t buying it very often. This group has three main barriers to purchase: value, confusion over choice, and concerns that the quality will be poor and that the taste will not match their expectations. 

The two new lines from the Open Gate Brewery aim to address the barriers to craft beer and give the 7.5 million craft-curious consumers the confidence to venture into alternative flavoursome beer. 



In action



Engage convenience shoppers by stocking Guinness Open Gate Brewery beers in bottles and cans and ensuring these are visible in-store 


Stock Open Gate Brewery drinks next to other world and craft beers, making sure the brand is signposted and the beers are clearly priced. 


Run promotions at key times of the year to drive impulse purchases, and upskill staff so they can talk to customers confidently about the category. 

The launch

The-Launch.pngOpen Gate Citra IPA

330ml bottle – RRP £1.85

4x330ml cans – RRP £6

5% ABV

Tasting notes: A full-flavoured IPA with citrus hoppiness and finishing in a sweet, biscuit taste from the malt and clean bitterness.

Open Gate Pilsner 

650ml bottle – RRP £2

4x330ml bottles – RRP £5

4.5% ABV

Tasting notes: A classic, crisp German-style pilsner with the added flavour depth expected from Guinness. Dry hopped for a crisp finish.

Retailer view

Julian Taylor Green
Spar Lindford, Hampshire

“With suppliers creating and bringing new flavours and tastes to the ever-changing beer market, it’s great to see Guinness adding to Hop House by bringing in more craft beers. 

“Stocking both Open Gate Citra IPA and Open Gate Pilsner would add a balance of old and new to my range; a fresh, crisp Pilsner and a citrus-flavoured IPA would make a refreshing change to support the more traditional beers and lagers. 

“The Guinness name will give my customers confidence, especially to those who are just starting to be more adventurous and enter into the world of craft beers and ales.”


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