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Chris Gamm last week chided the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne for comments made in his Conference speech. Chris said

“If independent retailers are the people you want to serve, George, isn’t it time we saw some practical evidence that is worth staying open until midnight for?”

This Government is not new in its failure to serve to needs of small business. Any newsagent who lived through the changes brought about by Mrs Thatchers Government will bare the scars (and the costs of that period). It was painful and cost the independent newsagent channel millions.

The current Government has made promises to the small business sector that have yet to reach delivery so I think that Mr Osbourne’s Conference speech should be view as an invitation to us to engage with our MPs. As constituents we have a right to have access to our elected representatives that not enough of us make use of. Mr Osbourne represents a good number of independently owned stores in his constituency as do every other MP. If the thousands of business men and women across the country feel let down its time to make their feelings known.

Here are some tips about going to see you MP

  1. Decide what concerns you most about how Government effects your business either by their actions or lack of action. Keep your approach simple by taking about one issue at a time.
  2. If you need support in putting your concerns in order contact a Trade Association like the NFRN for help. Their help line number is tel: 0845 601 5818.
  3. Write to your MP putting your concerns to them. You can find their contact details on Writetothem.com
  4. Visit their next constituency surgery that’s convenient to you. Details will be posted on your MP’s own website.
  5. Be succinct in your face to face meeting as there will be many other people wanting to see their member of Parliament.
  6. Invite the MP to your store so that they can fully understand the value of your business to their community.
  7. Follow the same procedure for the other key issue on your list.


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