Five useful fast food tips:

Recently there has been a lot of analysis of what makes some casual dining outlets successful while others fail. Convenience store operators – especially those with food-to-go should pay attention. While these secrets may look simple, operationally simple things often turn out to be difficult to deliver. So don’t scoff.

  • Tip 1: Put plenty of cheese on a takeaway pizza as it retains heat well.
  • Tip 2: Chinese and Indian meals take time to prepare and are not well designed for takeaway.
  • Tip 3: Pizzas and burgers have ingredients that can be bulk bought and the average school leaver can be trained to make them.
  • Tip 4: You need to reinvent the value of meals in the minds of consumers if you want to be successful.
  • Tip 5: Sometimes you are not in the food business. For example, coffee shops may sell expensive coffee but they rent cheap meeting space.


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