Fascia report: Is Family Shopper the right fascia partner for your store?

Family Shopper share their story and reveal why their group could be the fascia group for your store

My family shopper story 

Ketan Kanabar
Family Shopper Raunds,

“We relaunched with Family Shopper in January 2018. We’ve got a lot of competition in our area and I wanted to choose a fascia that would set us apart. Family Shopper offers really good promotions, which suits the local demographics and also fills a gap in the market for a value-oriented store. 

“Promotions are key to Family Shopper. We do a leaflet drop and also push adverts on Facebook, using images and other material from their website. Then they help us with ranging via a planogram, which we can tweak to suit our local area – their retail development manager is excellent for talking this through, and also giving guidance on questions of merchandising and layout. They also helped us get in touch with a local magazine, where we now advertise once a month. 

“Over the year to come I want to really make the most of events such as Valentine’s Day, using their promotions and PoS.”

How we helped

Martyn Parkinson
Brand director,
Family Shopper 

“Ketan is a fantastic retailer and is dedicated to serving his community. The value credentials of Family Shopper are ideally placed for Ketan to maximise sales, while growing his profits, too.  Using Facebook is also a great idea so Ketan’s shoppers can see exactly the great choice, price and service he offers them. 

“It is a privilege to serve Ketan, and the team and myself are looking forward to helping him develop his business further through a strong events offering.”

Family Shopper’s value credentials tie in with Ketan’s customer base



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