Dress like you mean business

Summer is here and hopefully the UK will get some gloriously hot days. This can of course demand a change of wardrobe.

I recently saw a photo of a newsagent behind the counter of their newsagency published by an Australian news outlet and the newsagent was dressed as if they were going to a BBQ or a sports game. They looked ok – neat and tidy – but they were not dressed for work.

The photo gave the impression of the business being small and local – and while that’s an impression some newsagents may want to give off, it does not help you compete against larger competition.

While I get that our businesses are local and in more friendly places than a major supermarket or c-store outlet, we need to come to work each day looking professional and connected with the brand under which we trade.

We need to dress like we mean business. We need to dress with authority. We need to dress like our customers can trust us. Dressing for business will help you win more business – especially when you approach nearby businesses for their accounts.


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