Don’t let ignorance hold your business back

I know of retailers who refuse to engage with Facebook because they say they are too old or that they don’t have the time. Years ago there were those who refused to get an email address saying that they would prefer a phone call or a fax. Before that some probably resisted getting a fax saying that a telegram would suffice if the matter was urgent.

Our businesses deserve to be represented where our prospective customers are. Facebook is one such place today. It’s currently free. Do it right and you can reach far more customers through your Facebook page than you would get through your front door in a week.

Don’t let your ignorance get in the way of reaching more prospective customers for your business. If you’re not on Facebook, get on. If you are on Facebook, start working on what’s next – be it Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or some other mobile connected platform.

There will always be a new communication and or marketing platform to learn. Refusing to use one, such as Facebook, only holds your business back.

As for the excuse of not having time, that’s ridiculous given how much your business could benefit.

This post is not about Facebook. No, it is about every innovation you ignore out of fear or stubbornness.

The betterRetailing.com social media tips are a great place to start.


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