Do you have the right car insurance

Do you have the right car insurance is a question that the Metropolitan Police is asking drivers in road side checks.  The One Show on the BBC last week ran a story about the such an operation and they included what happened when a van with a large number of trays of lager was stopped. The Police found that the driver’s insurance did not cover business use. He had to empty the stock out on to the road side, the van was seized and taken away to the Police compound. There is a £300 fixed penalty for driving without insurance plus £150 collection fee and the report quoted a £20 per day storage fee. On top of the financial penalty and the loss of the vehicle the offence brings with it 6 points on the offenders driving licence.

The report certainly made me think about what business use would cover convenience store and newsagent owners need. Trips to cash and carry, newspaper and groceries deliveries, in fact any journey that you do because you are running a business.

Check your car insurance policy, do you have business use cover?

Is your vehicle driven by members of your family or other staff, are they named drivers? If not contact your insure.

How about adult newspaper deliver employees, have you checked that they have business use cover?

Failing to have the right insurance is likely to mean that the insurance company will not any damage cost if you are involved in an accident.


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