Clean your fridges to save you money

Summer 2013 was a great time to sell ice creams and cold drinks with the best weather for many years. Of course drinks chillers, ice cream freezers, chill cabinets and air conditioning equipment has been working hard delivering their chilled or freezing temperatures so now it cleaning time.

Dan Cock of Whitstone Stores used to be a refrigeration and air conditioning engineer and he says “The heart of the refrigeration process is a heat exchanger. Like with a car radiator air is drawn through the equipment to reduce the heated coolant liquid that system uses. If the radiator gets covered with dust, paper, leaves and other debris it won’t work 100%. In fact it the compressor may fail and cause you a big expense.

With Autumn upon us my team and I are undertaking a through clean to remove the dust that has built up under all the fixtures as well cleaning the air vents on all our refrigerators and compressors. It’s not a big job with a vacuum cleaner, but done regularly will extend the life of our refrigerators and freezers. It also reduces the cost of running them.”

Dan’s tips

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris on the chill cabinet/freezer air vents.

Remove the front panels and carefully clean the chill cabinet/freezer ‘radiator grills’ and surrounding areas. Use your vacuum cleaners soft furnishings brush and follow the lines of the grill as you go.

Remember to do clean any remote compressor units, I would suggest a soft hand brush for this task. Also ensure any dead leaves, paper or rubbish is removed from around the compressor.


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