Cashback: earn while you earn

Helping to boost the profits of our 16,000 members and so improve their bottom lines has been my top priority since becoming National President in June last year.

So I am delighted that now, through NFRN Commercial, the vehicle created to increase the benefits for members from commercial activity, comes an exciting new rewards scheme called NFRN Cashback.

Through NFRN Cashback, and just as its name implies, we are giving all our members the chance to earn back cash for participating in our commercial activities.

Many members have already started to benefit from this innovative new scheme, and some really worthwhile amounts have been paid out, in some instances for several hundreds of pounds.

The beauty of NFRN Cashback is that it is open to all members, although the amounts paid out depend on the level of participation that individual members make.

Already our members can earn extra money by working with Nicolites, Trinity Mirror Regional Newspapers and Booker, as well as on all purchases made through our new Shoplink venture, which gives NFRN members access to great products at great prices and with high margins, with all  ordering and payment done online.

And over the months and years ahead we will be identifying new products and opportunities to help independent retailers trade even more successfully and enjoy bonus payments that are directly in proportion to their purchases of these lines.

So if you are a member of the Federation I would commend you to look at how NFRN Cashback can reward you, not just through bonus payments but by drawing more customers in-store and so putting more money through your tills.


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