A new charter for the news trade

When I was installed as National President a few weeks ago, I vowed newspapers and magazines would remain at the forefront of everything the NFRN would be doing over the next 12 months, given their importance to all our members.

So as my presidential duties get under way, I look forward to meeting all newspaper and magazine publishers, distributors and wholesalers where I will be pressing for improved service levels and sharing with them a copy of our newly launched Newspaper Distribution Service Charter.

Officially unveiled at our annual conference in Torquay in June this is a great document that puts into print the service levels and conditions of supply that we expect wholesalers and direct supply publishers to provide.

It sets out in detail exactly what each and every one of our members require to ensure that newspapers and magazines are widely available to consumers everywhere, from town centres to the most remote villages

Every element of the delivery process has come under the spotlight so we can identify areas where performance can be improved.

This, in turn, will help our industry partners operate more effectively and efficiently so members are served in a more professional and consistent manner.

But that is not all. The charter also documents the actions and steps that retailers can take in order to complain when service levels fall below the required minimum.

Where our document supersedes any other is that it has been produced by newsagents who know exactly what is needed from their wholesaler, distributor or publisher to provide a professional, quality service to their customers.

I commend the NFRN’s news operation team for developing this charter and, as I said before, I look forward to sharing it with our industry partners. I also look forward to keeping you posted of developments in future columns.


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