A-board advantage

Take pride in your shop’s appearance.

By shop appearance we mean the type of image you are trying to project, this can be a modern, clean, well lit shop floor like ours or it could be an older quirky style that has just as much merit.

Whatever the style you set for your shop, make sure it is consistent. People like to know what to expect when they visit you.

Another point of note is to make the exterior cleanliness of your shop a top priority; nothing says the owner has lost his enthusiasm for his business like dirty windows and pavements with cigarette butts all over them.

Marketing with A-boards and Sidewalk Signage

You probably already have these and if you don’t, you should particularly if you own your store’s forecourt.

Traditional A-boards are a great way to advertise your shop to pedestrians and motorists alike.

A well designed A-board can act like a customer magnet. Use other peoples’ brands to get customers. If you sell a sought after brand, put that brand on your A-board, people will come in on brand recognition alone.

We have 3 A-boards for:

1. Advertising our shop and what we sell

2. Ready Meals (Acts like a customer magnet)

3. Advertising our coffee offer. Here’s our shop interior with coffee machine front and centre. 

This post is an extract from the e-book ‘So, you want to run a convenience store?’ by Peter Lamb. It is available for free download here.


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