9 Tobacco products with a strong value range

With value tobacco now commanding 54% of the cigarette market, getting a strong range of the cheapest brands is crucial to keeping tobacco sales strong.

Here are nine products that can satisfy that demand when customers come in and ask: “What’s the cheapest?”

  1. Available in a 10g format, RRP £3.60, GV Midnight & GV Sunrise was launched in July to tap into the 45% of RYO sales that are 12.5g or below.
    GV Sunrise GV Midnight
    GV Sunrise & GV Midnight launched in July.
  2. JTI is rolling out a new look across its Holborn Smooth Taste range and renaming the brand Holborn Yellow
  3. Richmond Superkings Menthol are available in Kingsize 10s and 19s, RRP £4.18 and £7.64 and Superkings 10s and 19s, RRP £4.22 and £7.69 respectively.
  4. Carlton added Superkings Menthol 19s to its range this May with an RRP of £6.40. £6.19 PMPs are also available.
    Carlton Superkings Menthol
    Carlton’s Superkings Menthol 19s
  5. In June Imperial Tobacco launched Player’s Crushball, which is available in Smooth, Full Flavour and Menthol in Kingsize 18s, RRP £6.14 or £5.99 PMPs and Kingsize 10s, RRP £3.25.
    Player’s Crushball launched by Imperial Tabacco
  6. Offering profit on return rates of more than 6.3%, L&B Blue Ice Capsule is available in Kingsize 19s and 10s, RRP £6.89 and £3.78 respectively.
    L&B Blue Ice Capsule available in Kingsize 19’s & 10s
  7. Available in Kingsize, Superkings, Blue, Green and Dual, Sterling launched an 18s Dual pack in June, RRP £6.99.
  8. Philip Morris recently rolled out a fresh look for Chesterfield Red, Blue and Menthol, which offers 8% PoR. The brand is available in 19s and rolled back its RRP from £6.25 to £6.10 in August.
  9. Sterling 18s launched in June in King Size and Superkings Blue and Green, RRP £6.99.


For the latest on value and RYO tobacco, see p18 in the October 6 issue of Retail Express


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