6 tips to boost your energy drinks sales

The energy drinks category had a strong year last year, with sales increasing by 4.2%. This growth is set to continue, so it is crucial to get it right.

The energy drinks category had a strong year last year, with sales increasing by 4.2%. The overall value of the sector is now approaching £1bn and the growth is set to continue so it is crucial to get right.

Trends towards low-calorie options, innovative flavours and the growth of functional drinks is driving the market to new heights, ensuring a lucrative opportunity to retailers.

Ed Whitehead, strategy & planning manager at Red Bull, offers six simple tips that can increase your energy and sports drinks sales.

1. Stock all variants in the chiller.

This ensures you meet the demand for on-the-go consumption. Soft drinks bought for immediate consumption increased by 8.5% last year, so retailers should make sure they are ready to drink.

2. Double-face the bestsellers.

This will maximise stand out of the brand in-store. “Energy drinks hold 26% of the total soft drinks market in convenience so retailers should split their range accordingly,” says Whitehead.

3. Stock energy and sports drinks by brand.

Having a wide range of brands increases shelf presence. “Consumers shop by shape and colour and navigate the fixture by brand, so merchandise accordingly,” says Whitehead.

4. Place energy and sports drinks in the centre of the chiller.

To maximise sales, drinks should be marketed according to customer needs, from left to right – refresh, stimulate, and hydrate. Examples of these include Rockstar Energy Waters, Emerge and Powerade respectively.

5. Create customer-friendly display.

Place several sized variants alongside each other in a step formation to allow shoppers to easily choose a format that suits them.

6. Have a second site.

If possible, introduce a second site with PoS near to newspapers or confectionery. “Introducing a second siting increases impulse purchases,” says Whitehead.

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