3 valuable services that you could offer in your store

What services do you offer your customers?

Providing additional services can be a great way to strengthen customer loyalty as well as increase footfall to your store. Here are three services offered in Lambs Larder that are hugely popular.

1. Dry cleaning

If you do not do it already, get yourself a dry cleaning agency. It is a great way to generate more profits without any outlay on your part. You simply get paid to collect and distribute dry cleaning. We have a dry cleaner and shoe repairer that collects and delivers from us every Tuesday and Friday and we do a roaring trade. We charge the customer on collection and make a margin each time.

This is a great community service and one of the easiest ways we know to make additional profit.

2. Home delivery

Offer a home delivery service. This may sound like a lot of work and difficult to manage on a busy day, but it doesn’t have to be. We offer home delivery on the basis that we only deliver in the evening on our way home. Not only does this mean we don’t need to leave the store during the day, but it also guarantees that the customer will be at home.

We get a surprising amount of home deliveries, particularly to elderly people. The orders can often be quite substantial so ignoring this income stream is not advised.

3. Drop shop

Offer a FREE service for parcel collection and watch sales grow. We offer a free drop shop service whereby local residents can put the shop down as the delivery address for online orders etc. In this way, we take delivery of their goods whilst they are at work and they collect them in the evening on the way home.

This saves them a trip to the collection centre. It is a hugely popular service for us and almost everyone that uses it, purchases something upon collection.

More good will is generated for the shop.

These tips are taken from the e-book ‘So, you want to run a convenience store?’ by Peter Lamb. It is available for free download here.


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