2 weeks to go, are you ready?

The Olympic Games start on 27 July and will effect on every retailer in the UK. London retailers are sure to feel it most with the ban on delivery vehicles between 6am and midnight everyday; this will no doubt cause extra costs for many independent retailers, particularly newsagents.

Talking to the betterRetailing.com team suggests that while they will not be effected by the logistic issues faced by London retailers they are preparing for various opportunities and challenges of their own.

Be prepared for the Government’s relaxing of Sunday trading regulation that will allow supermarkets to open all day from 22nd July for 8 weeks. Paul is taking advantage of  Sunday-only promotions run by Costcutter to encourage customers to his store.

People are likely to watch the games on TV – a great opportunity to sell sharer-size snack packs and multi-packs of beer. Get your merchandising right by stacking the beer packs and having enough of your best sellers on display to avoid selling out during busy periods.

“As Coca Cola, Cadbury and P&G are sponsors of London 2012, it’s important to check your range for products that are getting higher visibility”, advises Mandeep.

Be aware of when the key events will be on. This will ensure staff are completing tasks such as replenishment when the store is less busy, and that your tills are fully manned and ready to deliver brilliant service when it is!

Ensure that your store is always well stocked and tidy.

Make your offer reflect what your customers are likely to want whilst watching their favourite sports. For example, Paul is looking at Big Night In offers, while Shahid is concentrating on having one unbeatable special offer across his key categories.

Be flexible with your employees who may want to change their hours to watch their favourite events. As Paul says, “without a happy team it doesn’t work. We will be flexible make adjustments to allow for our employees passions.”

If you are fortunate enough to have a UK Olympic team member in your community put up a poster wishing them success!

Overall, enjoy your London 2012. There are events all around the country this summer, so follow Terry’s advice and “celebrate the success of this fantastic sporting festival”.


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