2/3 Merchandising with the Masters: Before the change…

We joined the Merchandising with the Masters programme to find out Wrigley's helped two retailers on their journey to increased gum sales.

We joined Wrigley’s Merchandising with the Masters programme to find out how field sales representative Raj Jadeja and mentor Sandeep Bains helped two retailers on their journey to increased gum sales

Retailer: Ushma Amin, Londis, London Road, Sutton

“I want to offer choice to customers, but without confusing them. The messages about chewing gum are shifting to promoting healthy teeth and gums, so we could probably do more to help sell extra product. I always try new varieties, sometimes they don’t work, but you have to try.”

Retailer: Amita Patel, News, Food & Wine, Sutton

“We find some variants just don’t sell as well – mostly the fruit-flavoured gums, but I’d like to know what we can do to change this. The Extra bottles are big sellers for us, but we have a space issue here – there just isn’t enough!”

Expert Advice: Raj Jadeja​​​​​​​, Field sales representative, Wrigley

“Chewing gum is four times more impulsive than any other category. It’s always best to have the unit by the till; that’s exactly where customers are going to buy on impulse. We’ve installed over 4,000 LED lit units around the country this year and hope to install more in 2016.”

Mentor: Sandeep Bains, ​​​​​​​Simply Fresh, Faversham

"Retailers need to keep an eye on the marketing messages coming from Wrigley, and follow their lead when it comes to positioning brands and keeping relevant variants at the front of mind. In terms of oral health, some people are chewing gum all day and so might need more, which presents an easy upsell.”​​​​​​​

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