Boost Drinks helps retailers grow sales ahead of sugar levy

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Boost Drinks is inviting retailers to work more closely with it to grow sales ahead of the sugar levy following a successful evening with NFRN members. 

The company, whose range is tailored specifically for the independent channel, visited the Croydon and South London branch of the NFRN this month. 

Seven retailers met with five representatives from Boost, who spoke about upcoming sales opportunities and challenges faced by the sector. 

Branch secretary Ralph Patel said: "Representatives spoke about the sugar tax and what the drinks industry is doing. Boost has adjusted its recipes to make sure it stays within the band so this will allow it to maintain price points."

Members tasted the reformulated drink as well as testing new products, which include strawberry and chocolate protein drinks. 

Nathalie Rich, marketing controller at Boost, said: “We found the event useful because retailers felt they could ask any question of us and understand how they can work more closely with us. This was the second face-to-face event we’ve held recently and we’re already looking for more opportunities to hold similar events across the country.”


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By Helena Drakakis Avatar
By Helena Drakakis 29 Jan, 2018


  • By Clara King 26 Mar, 2018

    Interesting comment. I was wondering whether anyone has a personal opinion on whether they think the tax will work? I read this article ( which shed some light on the situation - just wondered if anyone has any thoughts?

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