Sweet Success: Improve your confectionery sales

Sweet Success: Improve your confectionery sales
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Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s merchandising expert, Sean Thacker, and retail mentor Trudy Davies check in to see how their advice has helped improve confectionery sales in two local shops

Six weeks ago, RN visited two local retailers to help them increase their confectionery sales. We brought in a top merchandising expert from Mars Wrigley Confectionery and seasoned retailer Trudy Davies to assess their sweets and chocolate fixtures in store. 

With some key tips and invaluable advice, have the experts managed to boost the retailers’ confectionery sales?

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Expert advice

Sean Thacker
Field Sales Representative,
Mars Wrigley Confectionery

“It’s great to see that by making a few simple changes, both stores have benefitted from increased confectionery sales. By increasing display space with Mars Wrigley Confectionery equipment, arranging confectionery products by brand for ease of shopping and prioritising best-selling products, customers will be able to easily locate confectionery lines whilst retailers can boost sales.” 

Focus on

Yogi Tatla
Londis Binfield Road, Bracknell 

“The results are stronger than I ever would have imagined. I knew that positioning more chocolate by the till was working well for us, but had no idea something so simple as a wire-mesh mini-shelf would be able to provide us with so much extra display space. The chocolate looks much more appealing; no wonder more people are tempted.”


  • Visibility: Yogi’s bestsellers weren’t in prime position and had only one facing, meaning he was missing out on sales.
  • Vertical blocking: Confectionery products weren’t arranged in vertical blocks by brand and variety, making it difficult for shoppers to find what they were looking for.
  • Display: Yogi’s share-size chocolate bars weren’t displayed horizontally to catch shopper’s attention, so he was missing out on additional purchases.

Changes to drive sales

  • Visibility: With limited space, the bestselling products were prioritised and positioned primarily with multiple facings so they are easy to spot and generate more sales.
  • Vertical blocking: Products were arranged vertically by brand, size and flavour to create a neat display for shoppers to easily find what they were looking for.
  •  Display: An invisible wire-mesh shelf platform was added to the fixture to make it tidy and well ordered, prompting shoppers to pick products up. 

Key lessons for your store

  • Give popular products multiple facings and position them at eye level.
  • Make it easy for your customers to spot their favourite brand by arranging confectionery neatly.
  • For smaller items, such as chocolate, investigate shelving accessories, which can double your display space

Focus on

Jason Bushnell
Budgens Mortimer, Berkshir

“Since seeing the results of the trial, I have kept the layout as advised by the experts. It is a really positive result for us; during Halloween our ‘Scarecrow Trail’ brought about 5,000 more locals into the store and we saw another massive rise in chocolate sales because the current arrangement invites impulse purchases.”

Mentor advice

Trudy Davies,
Woosnam & Davies News, Llanidloes, Powys

“What an amazing result just from altering a couple of displays. It just goes to show how inviting experts to look at your shop can help you see what you are missing. I also learned a great deal from Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s expert. This is what I love about working in retail: there is always something more to learn.”


  • Impact: Confectionery wasn’t immediately visible when customers entered the shop and it wasn’t instantly grabbing shoppers’ attention.
  • Secondary siting: Popular products had only one siting and weren’t standing out from other snacks and drinks, so Jason was missing out on additional sales.
  • Presentation: Jason’s single chocolate bars by the till were untidy and not clearly labelled, and weren’t seducing customers as they should.

Changes to drive sales

  • Impact: Confectionery was moved closer to the entrance, enticing shoppers immediately and encouraging them to treat themselves.
  •  Secondary siting: Popular share bags, such as Maltesers Buttons, were given additional sitings at gondola ends, creating more opportunities to buy.
  •  Presentation: Jason’s single chocolate bars were branded with clear and colourful product labels, making these impulse purchases easier to spot.

Key lessons for your store

  • Confectionery is a sociable treat, so stock up on sharing bags, which are more popular than ever.
  • Chocolate singles are an impulse purchase, so they should be displayed near the till.
  • Arrange chocolate neatly and at eye level so it’s visible to shoppers, letting it sell itself.

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Sweet treats: Grow your confectionery sales

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