Academy in action follow up: Retail Innovation

Academy in action follow up: Retail Innovation | betterRetailing
Independent Achievers Academy IAA Academy in Action
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IAA Advice

  • Create and begin executing a social media plan that prioritises marketing the vision of the store
  • Investigate and test a delivery service app with customers and analyse the results
  • Begin collecting actionable feedback from customers about the store relaunch to create measurable and achievable targets


The Results 

Since Graeme’s visit, we’ve put more time into social media to communicate our expertise. I’ve noticed a 10% increase in engagement. We’ve begun asking customers for feedback about our store relaunch and encouraged them to use the IAA benchmarks to rate us and tell us what we could be doing better. One surprising recommendation we had was for us to wear name badges. It is not something I had considered, but it is an easy win.

Graeme says

It is fascinating to see Abdul has increased engagement with his shoppers. It is now about communicating his future plans and continuing the interaction with his customers both online and in-store, as this will help him make his shop a brand. 

By IAA  Avatar
By IAA 29 Aug, 2018



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