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Earlier this year, Imran Ahmed at Poplar Stores in Huddersfield met Matt Stinger, regional
development manager at PayPoint to discuss improving the retailer’s digital engagement.

We visit him a few months later to see what changes from Academy in Action have been the most beneficial.

Imran's Action Plan

1. Share shop’s community work and new products on Facebook.

2. Develop a strategy to see if WhatsApp is the best platform to advance the business

3. Identify sales patterns using PayPoint One and run weekly targeted promotions

The Results

Imran IAA"The whole process has been really, really useful. Our Facebook page is up and we budget £20 per month for advertising. We’re reaching 2,000 people with our messages, which is a lot better and cheaper than leafleting.

We’ve joined a WhatsApp group for retailers in the area, we can all share thoughts or advice and I have found some good ideas to consider so far. PayPoint has included me in a trial of their new Pro version of EPoS – I am looking forward to seeing the results!"

Visit our Independent Achievers page to find out more about Imran’s visit from the IAA, to develop your own action plan and see similar results in your store.

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By IAA 14 Jul, 2017



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