IAA Stars 2017: Digital Engagement in association with PayPoint

Digital Engagement IAA star Joga & Aman Uppal
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Category Star 2017: Joga & Aman Uppal, One Stop Mount Nod, Coventry

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Joga and Aman capture and use data to make decisions, analysing social media to find out which promotions work and which posts get likes.

There’s strategy behind their decisions, installing Amazon lockers so they are featured on their website and offering free Wi-Fi to capture data on their customers.

They also use different social media platforms to talk to customers, suppliers and other retailers. Their media screens are placed in the window with the highest footfall and the adverts are tailored to the time of day so they can pinpoint the impact the screens have on sales. 


·       Jai & Mandeep Singh, MJ's Go Local Extra, Sheffield

·       Siva Thievanayagan, Nisa Local Fletton & Post Office, Peterborough

·       Joga & Aman Uppal, One Stop Mount Nod, Coventry

·       Mandeep, Vrinder & Bal Singh, Premier Singh's Manor Store, Sheffield

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