Managing your store

Shop Layout

A great store layout is a powerful tool when it comes to improving the shopper experience, encouraging impulse purchases and driving your overall sales.


Demonstrate that you understand the role of your shop to your customers based on your local competition, the profile of your shoppers and the size of your shop.

Effective Ranging

Stock the products that your shoppers will want to buy. Keep an eye open for new categories and products to stay ahead of consumer demand. Organise your range to deliver a profit to your business.


Organise your business processes so that shoppers can find what they are looking for when visiting your shop. It is essential for you to keep your shelves fully stocked at all times to avoid lost purchases and will help you to maintain and win a satisfied customer base.

Customer Service

Know your customers. Organise your business around their lifestyles, habits, likes and dislikes. Have a strategy to make them satisfied so they become loyal to your shop.

In-store display

Create displays that attract shoppers to the products that you are promoting and maximise impulse purchases.

Service to the Community

Understand what is important to your shoppers and your local area and make a positive contribution to your customers and the wider community.

Marketing to Customers

Tell your target customers and existing customers what your store stands for. You need to tell them what is happening in your shop. And you need to tell them about your answers to their wants and needs.

Digital Engagement

You need to be where your customers spend their time. Today shoppers are increasingly in the digital world. They may walk past your store reading their smartphone. So your shop needs to take part in their world too.

Responsible Retailing

Society at large is a stakeholder in your business and you need to comply with a wide range of regulatory standards and social norms to be recognised as a force for good in your community

Retail Innovation

Shoppers’ needs are constantly changing. Be a step ahead with new ideas, products and services that your shoppers will want. And which will help your business grow.

Staff Development

Build a team to compete, coach them in the values of your business and give them the confidence to deliver brilliant customer service.