What’s reflected in your shop window?

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The betterRetailing team usually write about retail best practice, but sometimes we have to show examples of the other end of the spectrum. I recently saw a store where it was clear that the owners had never looked further than their own shop window.

Every shop front has the potential to encourage customers to enter the store. Regular customers may well no longer notice this, but what about potential new business? What would passing customers-to-be make of the shop window above?

Offering valuable marketing space to the community is a great idea. But ensuring that this is managed carefully to the benefit of both the store and the groups seeking assistance is essential.

It is also important to remember that Indies are not the only businesses looking to engage their communities in this way, as the other photograph from inside my local Sainsbury's (top left) illustrates.

Steve Denham
Steve worked in retail for more than 40 years. For more than half of his career he ran a village newsagent with his wife. Steve blogs about all different aspects of retailing from community development to government legislation. He can be contacted on steve.denham@newtrade.co.uk. He is always looking for an interesting debate so leave a comment on this blog or tweet him to share your views.