Three retailers give their top tobacco tips


With the new tobacco legislation coming into effect, how are other retailers adjusting to the change?

1Use the next few weeks to sell off slow-selling lines

“As 10s have been disappearing we’ve been using the opportunity to get rid of slower-selling lines. Most of our customers would rather move to another brand in 10s than trade up to 20s.”

Anita Nye, Eldred Drive Stores (Premier) Orpington, Kent

2Talk to your customers about their intentions

“If we have a regular customer that only buys 10 of a slower-selling brand we have asked if they will be switching up to 20s or, as a lot of people are telling us, giving up. This helps us decide which lines we should continue with.”

Andy Howell, Loch Lomond News, Balloch, West Dunbartonshire

3Investigate what else you could do with the tobacco space

“I’m considering getting rid of my gantry after May when the legislation comes in. I might put cigarettes under the counter and free up space behind the till for something that gives a better margin. I’m going to look at selling things such as medicines, razors or shaving products there.”

Arif Ahmed, Ahmed Newsagents, Coventry

Are you ready for the new tobacco legislation? 


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