Tesco has delisted half its Heineken products as it continues its fight against Brexit price hikes.

In response to the Dutch brewer’s threat of a price increase of 6p a pint, Tesco announced it will axe 22 of its 55 products including Amstel, Sol, Tiger Beer and Kingfisher, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The supermarket is also now offering fewer variations of Heineken's own lager cans and bottles.

A Heineken spokesman said he would not comment on “commercial arrangements” but added: “Shoppers will continue to find a broad range of our fantastic beer and cider brands in Tesco."

A Tesco spokesman said: “We frequently review our ranges to ensure they meet the needs of customers. We continue to offer customers a great range of beer, lager and cider.”

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Jennifer Hardwick
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  1. The article is misleading as this would be a post Brexit rise.
    For what it is worth, if Tesco ditches Heineken and others I am very happy to go elsewhere.
    Maybe Tesco should learn no longer to take its customers for granted, it may work with its suppliers, but not with the customer.

    • Brexit (invoking A50) has lead to a sharp drop of GBP and those costs are passed on to the customer in the same way Tesco passes increased costs on to customers. Of course Tesco can lean on the farmers until they go under, that will not work with the breweries.