Community service: Academy in action with Booker

Pardip Mattu is building community links
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The factshouse
  • Name: Pardip Mattu
  • Store: Premier Grange Convenience Store
  • Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire
  • Size: 500 sq ft

A successful store doesn’t just sell stock to its customers; it gets actively involved in the area they live in too. The IAA’s Chris Rolfe joined Booker’s Steve Fox at Pardip Mattu’s Premier Grange Convenience Store to see a great community store in action.

Pardip's challenge:

Pardip wants to build links with a primary school by promoting healthy eating but needs ranging advice for his compact store.

IAA advice:

1. Secure a place for your business at the heart of your community and understand what’s important to your shoppers.

Pardip tells Steve that when he bought the store, customers were eager for a good convenience store, as the nearest competitor was expensive and didn’t open on Sundays.

“We decided to bring in pricemarked packs because they offer clear value. I also open for long hours because my main income comes from college students, and I want them to know we’re here for them all day,” he says.

Pardip adds that he goes out of his way to deliver to elderly customers and provides staff to help with litter picks and clean-up days.

Steve suggests Pardip could raise awareness of his community work by speaking to the Daventry Express.

“They will be keen to know what you’re doing, and this will help build customer loyalty,” he says.

2. Demonstrate a community spirit by supporting local teams, events and good causes.

Pardip has demonstrated his community spirit from day one, opening his store with a community event with a bouncy castle and barbecue, then sponsoring a women’s hockey team and Daventry Town football club.

He organised a professional fireworks display to celebrate the store’s first anniversary too.

“We want to show our customers that we appreciate and want to support them, because we know we wouldn’t be here without them,” he says.

Steve suggests Pardip could do more by choosing a local charity or club to support for a year and organising more fundraising events.

Pardip agrees and says he would like to support the local youth group, which needs new equipment. This could grow into a long term partnership.

3. Be on the look-out continually for new ways to work with your

Pardip is keen to work with a local primary school because many parents with kids there shop with him.

Steve suggests he could run or support a breakfast club and promote healthy eating by supplying products such as fruit.

Pardip agrees, but is concerned that his fruit and veg range is too small at the moment.

Pardip is looking to invest in a new chiller and Steve suggests that is a great time to speak to the local school and start to support a healthy breakfast for the children.  “Items such as fruit, yoghurts, wholemeal bread and porridge are ideal,” says Steve.

Pardip also wants to sponsor another under-18s football team and asks if Booker could help with this.

What we learnt:

steve fox booker

“It’s inspiring to see retailers like Pardip recognising the need to play an important role in their local area and making their stores the heart of their communities. It’s great that he wants to get involved and give something back. Organisations such as schools and sports clubs are a great way to achieve this.  Building long term sustainable relationships is really important to ensure Pardip’s store remains the heartbeat of the community.”

Steve Fox, Sales director - retail, Booker Wholesale


“I want to organise more events and sponsorships and build links with the youth club and school so it’s been great to get Steve’s advice. I’ll contact them as he suggested to get more involved. I really like the idea of healthy breakfasts for the school kids. I want to make sure we provide healthy food so I’m looking forward to extending my fruit and veg range.”

Pardip Mattu, Premier Grange Convenience Store, Daventry, Northamptonshire

bulbPardips’s action plan:

  1. Ask the local primary school if the store can provide healthy food for its breakfast club.

  2. Expand the fruit and vegetable range to promote healthy eating.

  3. Plan how to support and fundraise for the youth club.

pencilYour action plan:

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