Nisa Retail is unique in the convenience sector as it is a mutual-style company, which means it is owned by its independent retail members

  • Average store size:
    1,800sq ft
  • Average store turnover:
    £10,000 p/w
  • Number of UK retail members:
  • Cost of joining:
    From £860 +VAT

Nisa retailers have the option to operate under four symbol fascias: Nisa Local, Nisa Extra, Loco and dual-branded whereby a member can maintain their true local identity while also benefiting from the strength of the Nisa brand.

Nisa provides a complete retail support package to its members, which includes a retail-focused team, an enhanced category management system and a bespoke staff training facility under the Retail Academy banner.

Nisa’s marketing package incorporates bespoke leaflets, PoS and national advertising.

Its flexible model provides retailers with an unbeatable breadth of range of more than 13,000 lines, with a 98% availability rate.

This is supported by Nisa’s award-winning own-label range, Heritage, which has been reformulated and repackaged to offer great quality products to shoppers at affordable prices.

Why join?

Harj Dhasee from Nisa Local, Mickleton, Gloucestershire tells us his top three benefits of being a Nisa retailer

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    The greatest advantage is being able to access the buyers and the chief executive – we’re in regular touch with them. I’ve got Nisa chief executive Nick Read’s telephone number and I can give him a call, it’s such an open company. You’re not being ruled by an iron fist, they’re very responsive and quick to deal with things.

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    Excellent promotions

    The promotions are great – the volume is being driven as well as the profit. They’re very quick to react to changes in the market, such as price changes, and they react quickly on promotions.

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    Mutual ownership

    Nisa is a mutual, and it feels like a collaboration between retailers and the group. They’ve got retail members on the board and retailers can help move the company in the way they need to go.

Insider perspective

“Overall, my sales are up 50% since I joined Nisa, so I’m really pleased with them”

“We wanted to change the store because trade was changing and we chose Nisa.

“The store has been transformed – we have more fruit and veg and groceries, higher-end wines, specialist ales and beers, luxury biscuits, and gluten-free products. Nisa put together a really good plan for us.

“Nisa Radio is played all the time, it tells customers which offers are coming through – they hear it and they ask for products, it really works.

“I’ve worked with them on several initiatives, and through them gone to parliament and met MPs.

“It’s definitely a partnership between them and us, and my RDM Lee-Anne Evans really deserves praise for her support.

“Overall, my sales are up 50% since I joined Nisa, so I’m really pleased with them.”

Philip Constantine
Nisa, Hither Green, south-east London

Would you like to learn more?

Contact Nisa Retail at:

Telephone: 0800 542 7490
Twitter: @NisaRetail

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