crisp packets

Retailers are focusing their efforts on the promotion of 50p single-serve crisp packets following a declining appetite for 80p “grab bags”.

Adrian Rodda, of AR News in Harrogate, has increased promotion of the single-serve category in reaction to the trend. Single-serve packets have been positioned at the front of store and next to the till. He told RN: “I’ve definitely seen a rise in single-serve packets and a decline in 80p grab bags.

“I sell 10 outers of the single-serves each week while only two cases of grab bags are sold weekly. Customers don’t see value in grab bags because there’s either too much for one person or too little to share.”

Jimmy Patel, of Premier in Northampton, told RN he has placed focus on sharing packs because they offer better value.

“There’s been an upsurge in sales of sharing bags and we’ve been pushing them through the regular promotions from our suppliers,” he said. “The big bags are on for £1 and they offer good value.

“I don’t keep the 80p grab bags because people either want a small serving or want to share. The grab bags aren’t as good value.”