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stock room

The shop is the stock

Keeping a stock room full of stock is costing you money. Your stock room is full of the stock you've been convinced to buy from suppliers so it is not on their shelves. We have a motto, “the...

Retailer profile: Sophie Towers, Premier Hillingdon

Ballet dancing and independent retailing are worlds apart, but having the determination and competitive spirit of a former ballerina is what drove Sophie Towers to open three fantastic convenience stores in just 18 months. The...

Replenish your stock tactfully

A stand with empty pockets or hooks where products were located can be off-putting to shoppers. Messages they are likely to take away from seeing this is: "oh the best items have been sold" or...

Empty shelves costs customers

This sounds like a bit of a no-brainer but a shop bursting with stock is far more appealing than one where the shelves are half empty. Sparsely stocked shelves send a message that the shop...

Listen to your customers

One of the great pleasures I have found in owning and operating a community based store is talking to the people that visit my business. Sometimes they tell me about the problems they have just...

The challenges of managing your stock

I am a retail manager of a newsagency in a university campus and as things are, I have dead stocks that I need to get rid of. I am looking for ideas how to...

Academy in Action – Availability with Imperial

Tim Oates from Imperial Tobacco went to visit Ram Odedra in his store in Rutland to discuss availability. Visit the Independent Achievers Academy website to learn more about how the IAA can help you.
supply chain

7 ways to future-proof your supply chain

Availability is one of the most important things a wholesaler or a retailer can give to a customer, but you can’t have good availability without a solid supply chain. I went to the IGD...
Independent convenience retail

IAA Academy in Action 2013 – Availability

In the first Independent Achievers Academy visit of 2013, the IAA’s Louise Banham joined Imperial Tobacco’s Tim Oates on a visit to Solomon Kassa’s Southampton store to talk about the importance of having the...
independent convenience retail

Retailers Reveal #7: Paul & Pinda Cheema – Availability

What is the most successful idea you’ve ever tried out in your business? We’ve changed our stock a lot over the past six months and turnover has grown by 10% a week as a result....