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Raymond Farrell

The IAA’s Kathryn Gaw joined the NFRN’s Margaret McCloskey, and retailer Raymond Farrell to discuss theft, cigarettes and more.
retail study tour

In the final part of a three-part series, Joga Uppal shares the lessons he learned on a retail study tour in Coventry. When I was given the chance to have Jai Singh, Avtar (Sid) Sidhu...
retail study tour

In the second of a three-part series, Go Local Extra retailer Jai Singh discusses what he learned on a retail study tour in Coventry.

Wake up to the UK's biggest meal occasion and learn how to display your cereal range with advice and planogram ideas from Kelloggs.
in-store display

Harj Gill invited Susan Nash and John Muir of Mondelez International and the IAA’s Nick Shanagher to advise how to improve his in-store display.

Staying aware of what your competitors are doing is an important part to a running a successful business and staying ahead of the curve. To ensure you stay in the loop, make a list of...

In February, the National Federation of SubPostmasters launched a team to help postmasters develop their retail offer. Three months in, RN asked Troy Gardner and David Gold how it is supporting businesses around the UK. RN: You...
Summer nights in

As the weather gets warmer, shoppers will look to their local convenience store to help them host garden parties and gatherings. Anna Metcalfe finds out how you can meet the demand. What’s the opportunity? Choosing to relax...
summer nights in

With the weather warming up, it's time to take advantage of summer opportunities. More and more shoppers are choosing to stay in and entertain at home, so how can you make the most of...
Marketing to customers

The IAA's Jennifer Hardwick and Hi! Street Digital Media's Jonathan Daniels joined Tariq Majid to explore how he can improve his marketing to customers.