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Top tips and trends:

1. A reason to visit your store

Almost half of shoppers consider Bakery as a main reason to visit a c-store and a full Wrapped Bakery range not only drives foot traffic, but it also drives spend. In fact, Bakery shoppers have a higher average basket spend in comparison to the average convenience shopper – 8.47 vs 6.393.

2. Maintain the freshness

To maintain the freshness of your bread and bakery products, you should keep these away from cold or chilly areas and instead display them in a place where the temperature is around 22°C/72°F.

3. Maximise seasonal occasions

Help customers find your bakery section by making sure it’s clearly signposted. Also consider using POS and in-store theatre to maximise seasonal occasions where wrapped bakery products play a key role – i.e. picnics, BBQ’s, and Back to School lunches.

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