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Steve Denham

Steve Denham
Steve worked in retail for more than 40 years. For more than half of his career he ran a village newsagent with his wife. Steve blogs about all different aspects of retailing from community development to government legislation. He can be contacted on He is always looking for an interesting debate so leave a comment on this blog or tweet him to share your views.
food hygiene

Part I of our food hygiene investigation: why are independents falling behind multiples?

The horse meat scandal and the recent chicken sell-by date scandal illustrate how the current model of food safety regulation is failing to protect...
Tywardreath Village Shop

So, you want to buy and run a village shop? Read this first

I recently received an email asking for some advice regarding buying and running a village shop. That's a big undertaking, but since my wife...
social media

What happens when a retailer doesn’t use social media?

Over the last two years I have been researching the digital engagement of retailers who have been included in the Independent Achievers Academy Top...
underage tobacco sales

How to stop selling restricted products to underage consumers

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the provisions of the Children and Young Persons (Protection from Tobacco) Act 1991. A report...
Better Wholesaling Summit

Lessons from the Better Wholesaling Summit

When the Better Wholesaling Summit 2017 was announced earlier this year, I thought that it would be very useful to attend. I believed that gaining...
crisis control

If something happened to you, what would happen to your business?

Have you ever been ill? I mean, so ill that you can’t do your job? I had a couple of experiences when I could not...

Being served by a master salesman: discover, suggest, challenge, consider, decision

There is something thrilling about being in the presence of someone who is brilliant at what they do. In my role as Associate Editor...
customer feedback

Want to boost sales? Talk to your customers

Many independent neighbourhood retailers' core business is their regular customers, who are made to feel valued. These customers might also be the key to...
Google maps

Guide: How to update your opening hours on Google Maps

One of the main reasons that people look for details about a shop on the internet is to discover when it's open. Business owners...

Part II: Dealing with failure – kill the worst performing SKUs

The three key ideas I took from visiting Malcolm’s with Jai Singh and Sid Sidhu on our Coventry Study tour were range, change and dealing...