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Paul Baxter

Paul Baxter
Paul Baxter is the chief executive of the NFRN
Why the NFRN took on Payzone over contract terms

Why the NFRN took on Payzone over contract terms

No one should ever be pressurised into signing a contract without being given sufficient time to consider the full implications, such as extra charges...
make your staff great

Your staff are your biggest asset – invest in them

It might say your name over the door, but if you employ staff they will play a major role in creating a memorable customer...
PayPoint NFRN

Retailers have to act and the NFRN is ready and willing to help

To say that the last few weeks have been unpredictable would be a huge understatement. As I write this there is still political uncertainty; business...
party manifestos

Party manifestos show just how out of touch politics is with real people

How many times do we hear the leaders of the main political parties claim that small businesses are the backbone of the economy? Yet...
general election

Making as many MPs as we can aware of retail challenges is vital

In the space of just a few short months, we have had two shock announcements, with the proposed £3.7bn merger of Tesco and Booker...
NFRN backs bottle deposit

Why the NFRN is backing the bottle deposit scheme

Some eyebrows were, no doubt, raised when the NFRN pledged its support for a deposit return scheme (DRS) for plastic bottles and drinks cans...
Retail crime featured heavily in the Independent Retail Report

The NFRN’s Independent Retail Report will fight to improve the lot for local stores

Independent retailers play a vital role in their communities but operate under increasing pressures, so every so often it is important to remind people...
Why I hope Booker-Tesco gets green light

Why I hope the Booker-Tesco deal gets the green light

Shock waves reverberated around the industry when news of Tesco’s purchase of Booker was first announced. In a joint statement, the UK’s largest retailer and...
Seven-point plan for profitability

A seven-point plan for greater profitability

In January, it is traditional to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make in our professional lives and set worthy goals...
menzies strike

Why the Competition and Markets Authority needs to take another look at news wholesalers

Despite operating in a declining market, both of the two main news wholesalers continue to perform well. For the year ended August 2016, Smiths News...