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Jai Singh Rai

Jai Singh Rai
Jai runs MJ’s Go Local Extra in Sheffield. He takes an active role in his community and is always looking for ways to make his shop and the shopping experience stand out.
retail study tour

The Coventry retail study tour: Jai Singh’s viewpoint

In the second of a three-part series, Go Local Extra retailer Jai Singh discusses what he learned on a retail study tour in Coventry.
alcohol on a shelf

Jai Singh Rai reaps the benefits from his new counter

On April 6 last year the Government imposed the tobacco display ban. We saw this as an opportunity to take a fresh look at...
shopping basket

How our store layout has been designed to drive basket spend

During our first eight years’ in our store, I learned that our customers were happy to find the products on their shopping list wherever...
cup of coffee in a takeaway cup

Why our coffee machine has been a worthy investment

Jai Singh Rai explains why getting a new coffee machine has proven to be a wise decision for his community and his store My wife...
coffee-to-go machine

Jai Singh Rai invests in coffee-to-go

Jai Singh Rai embarks on a journey to buy a new coffee-to-go machine for his convenience store, sharing his steps along the way. Seven years...
working with heineken

How I worked with Heineken for the European Championships

In the run up to the Euro 2016 I decided that we need to up our own game to make the most of the...
MJs offers

What’s the most effective way to market your store?

Our store development last summer gave us the opportunity to take on a new branding. As I've mentioned before, my wife Mandeep and I decided to...
Jai S100

Jai’s Journey: 100 days on

It’s 100 days since my wife and I launched our extended store in Wheata Road, Sheffield. Memories of the day still delight us, but I...
mjs launch

Jai’s journey: Launch day

In the final few days before our store was due to be relaunched after its full refit I got more and more anxious. I set...

Jai’s journey: Contingencies, just in case

We certainly needed all of our contingency resources to make this project happen. When people talk about having a contingency plan it’s normally about having extra...