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Gary Pilsworth

Gary Pilsworth
Offley Stores and Post Office
cutting staff

‘I won’t stay open for the sake of a few pounds’

We’re having a really poor time at the moment and have taken the decision to make some cuts. We’ve had to make some changes to...

Gary Pilsworth teams up with author to create artistic delivery van

I’ve invested in a new van, which I use for everything from going to the cash & carry to deliveries to walking the dog,...

How we’re preparing for Easter and the warm weather

Business isn’t that bad at the moment – a bit of decent weather has opened everyone up, more people are going out and they’re...

Doing local differently

We get local people who come in for toasted sandwiches, teas and coffees, so I’m looking to rip the takeaway food fixture out and...
pilsworth christmas

Stocking up for Christmas

It’s very, very busy at the moment. Our takeaway food offering is going through the roof, the post office is getting busy building up...

From the shop floor: Winter celebrations

It’s that time of year when we start gearing up for winter celebrations – Halloween, Bonfire Night and, of course, Christmas. I’m hoping, after a...
gary pilsworth

Getting ready for winter

I don’t know what it’s been like for you, but it’s been very quiet here and our reps have said the same thing about...

We shouldn’t just rely on associations to speak for us

When was the last time you had an 18% pay rise? Because that’s what the Queen is going to get. Yes, the living wage increase...

Suffering in the heat, but it’s good for business

The hot weather means the ice creams and drinks have been flying out – I’ve had to go to a cash and carry three...
gary pilsworth

Hot food sales are a hit with customers

It's been absolutely manic recently and I have trouble to cope sometimes. Our hot food sales have gone up two-fold, but we haven’t taken...