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Bintesh Amin

Bintesh Amin
Binny and his wife Reena took over Blean Village Londis in 2010 and have worked tirelessly to gain the loyalty and trust of their community. Bintesh is also a regular columnist for Retail Newsagent magazine.
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How Bintesh gives a friendly face to his digital engagement

One of the valuable lessons I learnt from operating a Budgen’s store was that marketing has to have a human face. When I ran my...
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How I put my store on retail steroids

When I took on the challenge of running a Budgens store in May 2012 I did so in the knowledge that I am a good...
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Prepare well for expansion

Taking on a second shop can be a demanding yet rewarding process. Staff will need to be trained to fit into the culture that...
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Forging better links with customers and suppliers helped Binny have a great 2013

Over the past year, we’ve tried several new ideas in our two stores that have worked well and will benefit us as we head...
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Time to get the kids involved

Being at the heart of your community is obviously of great benefit to your business but by engaging with local youngsters, perhaps even offering...

Be inspired, be involved: Meeting fellow retailers

Meeting fellow retailers and visiting their stores is the best way to come up with new ideas and also helps you to look at...
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Are your staff up to the task

Making sure you get the right employees for your store is essential in giving your customers the right impression. But how do you get...

Make more of local produce

Building relationships with local suppliers enables you to try out a variety of different products and establish what stock works best for your store. By...
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You need to be a social animal

Giving your shop a digital presence through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you to build stronger links with your communities,...
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Make the most of local events

Whether you’ve got an Oyster Festival on your doorstep, a village summer fete up the road or even a weekly market day, make sure...